We absolutely love this message from South African entrepreneur Roxy Davis!

Roxy Davis is a 9-time South African surfing champ, a professional surf coach and a business owner. She’s the founder of Surf Emporium, a one stop surfing shop and school in Muizenberg, and is currently at the helm of Creed Living, a health and wellness brand. Roxy also launched an NPO, the Roxy Davis Foundation, to change people’s lives by improving their mental and physical well-being through ocean-based therapy.

Roxy has created some great content for the Heavy Chef team and in this short video she takes a look at the reason why entrepreneurs need to make sure they put themselves first.

Entrepreneurship is not easy – especially in the current challenging environment and it puts a lot of strain on those who are responsible for keeping the ship afloat.

It doesn’t help to be burning out after a couple of months and not being able to focus optimally on running your business.

If you run an entrepreneurial small business and would like to explore some of our offerings then make sure to reach out to us and we will be happy to table some solutions.

For now – enjoy this short-punchy video!