We love being able to deliver corporate wellness solutions to businesses in Johannesburg and showcase our work!

Recently we hosted a 1-day session for tenants of The Business Exchange in Rosebank where we had delegates joining physically and online to hear 2 presentations from the team.

Rachel Kiggell kicked the session off with a look at the importance of diet and why entrepreneurs and business owners need to invest in their diet if they want to be able to make the right calls and decisions for their business.

Healthcare ambassador Kelsey Rod then followed this up with a look at why #MovementIsMedicine and gave delegates the chance to discuss the importance of being physically active in a way that does not feel onerous and can fit in with their lifestyles

Gauteng and Johannesburg are always regarded as the economic hubs or the “home of hustle and bustle” and it was encouraging to see people taking the time to invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff. We believe activations like this are an important part of developing high-potential teams through corporate wellness solutions and interventions.

If you are interested in a corporate wellness activation for your business in Johannesburg and would like to discuss some options, please do not hesitate to contact us.