Have you enjoyed our recent series of interviews looking at why it is important to encourage your staff to develop Financial Freedom and not be bound by a monthly salary?

Then let’s move straight onto the next one in the series.

Kelsey chats with Certified Financial Planner and Junior Investment Manager, Lindie Van Gass. She unpacks the topic of Financial Freedom and dives deep into how it should be perceived.

Have you enjoyed this presentation on the importance of financial freedom?

If you enjoyed this discussion with Lindie on the importance of up-skilling your knowledge around financial matters, you will enjoy some of our other work as well.

Below are some of the interviews that Kelsey has done that specifically focuses on the importance of financial education / financial wellness / financial literacy for your staff?

The importance of employee financial literacy

Are you as an employer or Human Resource (HR) manager responsible for employee financial literacy? In her latest interview, Kelsey chats to Tamlyn Nel, Director of Operations at LE Empower We, who unpacks the importance of employee financial literacy.

Watch it HERE.

Simon Brown discusses financial education for your staff

Kelsey spoke to Simon Brown from JustOneLap to discuss the importance of investing in financial education solutions for your staff and whether they made a meaningful change in behaviour for your team.

Watch it HERE.

Would you like to build financial freedom and improve their financial habits?

If you are passionate about building a workforce which is focused on establishing financial freedom and has solid financial habits.

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